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We design, build, manage and grow digital assets ๐Ÿ“ˆ

We help your organization create best in class digital experiences that convert so you can focus on your core business. 

Full-service website design, development & management

It can start with just an idea, or perhaps a scribble on a napkin but we can bring it to life through design and code. We pride ourselves on being a seamless extension of your team that can help drive your business growth. 

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Our Recent Work
Seiko GS9 Club Canada
We have worked with ViUU for over 4 years. Matt and his team have grown with us as we scaled. They are a perfect partner to figure out digital from running analytics to website management and best practices. ViUU is a definition of going the extra mile and figuring things out to drive value.
David MacMillan,
President and CEO, Deveron
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Website management

Your website is your first touch point and often the first impression to a prospective client, partner or customer. A vital touch point, but often the last item on the priority list in the busy schedule of a goal oriented team. We can help your site continue to achieve your goals and let you focus on the work that matters most in your business.  

Matt and the ViUU team have completely upgraded every aspect of our digital game. From consultation through to execution, they work with you closely every step of the way to ensure you get the result you're after. We've been working with ViUU for 2+ years and cannot recommend them highly enough.
Kyle Bodnarchuk,
Vice President of Sales, Contempo Media

Conversion Rate Optimization

You launched your new site, now what? We believe in the Japanese notion of “Kaizen” or continuous improvement. It is important to understand how your site is working on key metrics and continue to evolve the site to better meat your goals. As we know, small continuous improvements can often lead to big results. 

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I have worked with Matt and the ViUU team for over 3 years. They have deep technical knowledge and experience, as well as great communication skills and attention to detail. They are excellent at explaining technical concepts to non-technical clients.
Elena Okulova,
Manager, Contempo Media