Free Website Audit

Let’s get to the bottom of what needs to be done! Our Free website audit will highlight both the current strengths and opportunities for improvement with your current site. 

What does a free website audit include?

Our free website audit will review your site based on a criteria of five important building blocks to a successful website experince. 

1. Design & Aesthetics

How does your site visually help engage visitors, build trust and achieve its intended goals. 

2. Speed and Performance 

Does your site performance ensure that your website is a user-friendly, accessible and helping towards your user goals. 

3. Search Engine Optimization

How does your site SEO help improve visibility, build credibility, offer a competitive advantage, enahance user experience and optimize for local search. 

4. Conversion Optimization 

How does your site structure aid and assist in driving revenue, ROI, user experience, bounce rates, trust and alignment of intent. 

5. Responsiveness of Design

 How does your site perform in terms of experience across all devices. 

I have worked with Matt and the ViUU team for over 3 years. They have deep technical knowledge and experience, as well as great communication skills and attention to detail. They are excellent at explaining technical concepts to non-technical clients.
Elena Okulova,
Manager, Contempo Media