Full-service website design, development & management

We help your organization create a best in class digital experience so you can focus on your core business. 


We will work with you to determine your requirements and collect best in class examples to guide the creation of a first class digital experience for all devices. Your feedback will guide our revisions until we have something that brings out the best of your organization, meets your goals and leaves an amazing first impression with visitors. 


Once your design is finalized our development team will bring it to life. Some of our favourite platforms include WordPress and Shopify, but each build will built to your specific needs integrating with other tools your business may use including CRM, email marketing, analytics. 


Once your site is live we want to ensure your site is succesful. To do this often we must take care of not only the basic software updates but also ensure that there is a feedback loop from the client, business and data to help fuel improvements in the experience and performance. Our agile approach will allow you and your team to build focus on your core business while continuing to improve performance. 

We have worked with ViUU for over 4 years. Matt and his team have grown with us as we scaled. They are a perfect partner to figure out digital from running analytics to website management and best practices. ViUU is a definition of going the extra mile and figuring things out to drive value.
David MacMillan,
President and CEO, Deveron
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